Prawns are found in calmer waters where the prawns can nest in the water plants to lay their eggs. Prawns tend to prefer the warmer waters in the tropics but some species of prawn are found in the Northern Hemisphere.

Both cold water and warm water prawns are widely consumed in the UK. Cold water varieties are wild caught and are sweet and tender making them a popular choice for sandwiches, prawn cocktails and prawn salads.  Warm water prawns are generally farmed and larger, ideal for stir fry etc, mainly used in ethnic recipes.

The prawn feeds by filtering nutritious particles out of the water flowing around the prawn, and the prawn is therefore often found on rocks or close to the sea bed.

Prawns are a common source of food for humans around the world, particularly in areas where the prawn exists naturally such as south east Asia.


We source the best quality prawns from all over the world. Some of our products include:

Warm water

Cold water

Fresh water

Easy peel

King prawns

Black tiger


Whole cooked



Tail on/off

Individually quick frozen

Block frozen



Shell on

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